Corner Shower Doors

Frameless corner shower doors

Most designs of corner shower door consist of two tile walls and two glass walls. Corner shower pans can vary in sizes, but most come ones are 60”x30” or 48”x30” 36”36”. Door placement is usually on the longer section of the shower pan. Glass door can be mounted on stone or acrylic base.

Glass is secure with clips or u-channel, in some designs a header is required for additional support.
Swing door is mounted directly on the tailed wall or glass panel. Additional hardware like towel bar can be installed on a door or fixed panel. All glass for shower doors ranges from 3/8” to ½” thick and it is tempered.

Door can be placed any ware between two panels. You can choose any width of the door but recommended size would be from 24” to 28”. Pivot hinge is used to secure the door to the glass panel, you have a choice of handles or towel bars that can be installed on a door or fixed panel. We can accommodate any additional notches or cutouts for shower bench.

Material 3/8″ Frosted/Clear Glass
Hardware CRL Hardware
Installation NYC Reno
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