Part 2

MAKE SURE THAT WHEN USING WALL MOUNT HINGES the wall has a wood stud behind it, or the surface substrate is strong/thick enough and secured sufficiently to accommodate proper screw anchors. 

WHEN USING WALL MOUNT HINGES, AND THE SAME WALL HAS A TOWEL BAR MOUNTED ON IT, design consideration must be given as to whether that Towel Bar will be struck by the door when it opens to a full 90 degrees. This situation can restrict access to the shower, and more importantly, with the glass hitting the Towel Bar, there is a chance of the door exploding. A possible solution is to use Top and Bottom Pivot Hinges, and inset the Hinges enough so that the pivot point projects far enough from the wall to clear the Towel Bar.

AN ALUMINUM SHOWER DOOR THRESHOLD SHOULD BE CONSIDERED WHEN A FLAT OR OUTSLOPING CURB CONDITION EXISTS UNDER THE DOOR. We offer Thresholds in stock lengths that can be adhered to the curb with silicone under the door. The rounded, low contour of the Threshold will not harm feet when entering or exiting the shower. The Threshold helps to act as a dam, and will assist in watershed back into the shower. A Bottom Wipe can work in conjunction when positioned above the Threshold. Attention should be given as to whether the slope of the floor causes an uneven clearance gap directly underneath the door. If so, we offer Double Fin Vinyl Wipes (Cat. Nos. SDTDF and SDTDFT2) which offer two different leg lengths. Having the flexibility of the two fins allows you to deal with an uneven clearance gap. The Double Fin simply drags across the top of the Threshold to create a seal.