Glass Back Splash

Print any image on the glass
You can print this on glass
Modern Back Splash
Pattern -Fruits - Vegetables -
Image on glass panels

Solid Glass Kitchen Backsplashes

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Unique Glass Back Splash

Our glass backsplashes are fully customizable. As soon as your kitchen is installed, we come in and make minute measurements so that the backsplash fits perfectly and is fully functional. In terms of how the end product looks, you are limited only by your imagination.

We will take orders for both solid color and photo images. We will even put you in touch with our brilliant designer for advice or from start to finish image production. We then print it from the back side of  a glass, add a protective layer on top of the paint, and install the backsplash professionally.

  • Match Any Color,
  • Directly paint on any glass or print on it, without using vinyl or stickers,
  • Cut the glass, process the edges and make all necessary cutouts (outlets, light switch holes, and faucet holes),
  • Temper the glass,
  • Deliver and  Install it professionally

Glass Back Splash


Solid glass kitchen backsplash is – back painted or back printed glass of any form of clear glass that is painted or printed from the back side and viewed from the “first surface” side or the front side. Back painted or back printed glass is widely used for colored glass walls for interior glazing, colored glass backsplashes, glass marker boards and dry erase boards, colored glass counter tops, shower walls, artistic glass, and more. Back painted or back printed glass is a modern alternative to other surfacing materials in the US decor and architecture industries..