EnduroShield is an invisible, non-stick coating that reduces cleaning time by up to 90%. Application is a simple process of spraying the liquid coating onto a clean surface to provide a permanent* protective bond. With EnduroShield, the use of harsh chemicals is eliminated. Due to the reduction in cleaning, you use less water, so the benefit to the environment is cumulative and ongoing. With EnduroShield it’s easy being green. 

Repels soap scum & grime

Save time and money with EnduroShield®, the revolutionary, non-stick treatment that is ideal for shower glass. EnduroShield glass treatment makes cleaning shower glass easy and repels soap scum, grime and dirt. EnduroShield reduces your cleaning time by up to 90%.

Untreated glass is porous and as a result absorbs mineral deposits and soap scum, making it more and more difficult to clean overtime. Shower glass is subject to mineral deposits from water, shampoo, soaps, body fats, and harsh scrubbing using toxic cleaners, causing the glass to discolor and develop irremovable staining. EnduroShield is an ultra-thin transparent glass coating that completely adheres to the surface and provides protection that will repel both water and oil based stains. Similar to a non-stick fry pan, cleaning is made easier using a mild detergent or white vinegar with a damp microfiber cloth. No longer is scrubbing with harsh toxic cleaners needed.

Maintaining the treated surface

Acting as an invisible shield, the EnduroShield® coating bonds to the substrate and helps protect against dirt, grime and soap scum, and also from staining, etching or discoloring. EnduroShield repels both water (hydrophobic) and oil (oleophobic) leaving an easy to clean surface that is very similar to a non stick fry pan. The coating does not change the look or finish of the surface, it just keeps it looking as good as the day it was treated. You clean less often, with less effort, and the surface won’t deteriorate over its life like untreated surfaces. There are no specific after care products to purchase to maintain the coating, saving you time and money.

Cleaning guide

Shower glass needs to be cleaned each week using a damp microfiber cloth and a mild detergent (such as washing up liquid) to remove any soap scum, dirt or grime from the surface. For outdoor glass surfaces such as railings and windows, clean as required using water and a mild detergent . Wash the glass with a microfiber cloth, and dry with a good quality squeegee (such as Ettore or Pulex brands). For best results clean the glass in the shade to prevent streaking.


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