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Contempo Series Bypass Sliding Shower Door System

Product overview ——

The NEW Contempo Series “I Beam” Bypass Sliding Shower Door System will be the focus of any bathroom in which it appears. Contempo has the flexibility to be installed either in a full standing shower, or above a bathtub. The Header is clad in polished or brushed stainless steel, or matte black to present an elegant appearance. The Contempo Series has two hangers (four rollers) per door to assure a smooth, gliding opening and closing of the bypassing doors using only fingertip control. The “adjustable height” header is the installer’s friend, allowing wiggle room for installation. Complete Kits include: 73-13/16″ (1875 mm) length Header; 4 each Hangers (8 rollers); 2 each Stoppers; 2 Track Holder Fittings for the wall; 1 each Bottom Guide; 2 each 85″ (2159 mm) Clear L-Jambs; 1 each 73-13/16″ (1875 mm) Threshold. The customer supplies their own choice of towel bars or knobs. The Contempo Series Sliding System accommodates 3/8″ or 5/16″ (10 or 8 mm) thick tempered safety glass (not included). A 90 Degree Accessory Kitis available for enclosures with a return panel.


  • Unique “I Beam” Header Style Adds Rigidity to Enclosure
  • Designed for Full Standing Showers or Above Bathtubs
  • Adjustable Height Header is Clad in Attractive Polished or Brushed Stainless Steel, or Matte Black

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